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consulting So you have a company and it not on the internet. You can open a business and not put a sign out front but no one will know where you are. Did you think that a great website will cost you thousands of dollars and keep costing you more in upkeep and hosting? Did you know you could get that website hosted, maintained and promoted on the internet for less than you think. Sure others might give you a "Free Website" but you get what you pay for. The website will be there for a limited amount of time, never maintained and forget SEO / SEM (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing) without paying out the nose for it.
Even if your website is up and running, is it working for you?
So your website is up and running. How are you doing in the rankings for the best in the business. Do you know that the following items have great effects on your ability to compete in the world market place?
Here are some useful terms that you should know.
  • Search Engine - Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Keywords - common words that represents your website
  • Content - information written on your website about your business
  • Meta Information - information provided to search engine in the website structure
  • Sitemaps - provide technical information to the search engines
  • Robots - information gathering software about your website
  • Submission - access given to search engines to index your business
  • Social Linkage - links to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • News feeds - information given for blogs that help with advertising your knowledge of your business, sales or other information you would like to share
There are so many measures of building and producing of a really good website that will stand up to most of the challenges of the internet. Getting each of the components to work together is like composing a piece of music where every noted play a pivotal piece in the success of the song. Learning everything that goes into a website takes time and the rules change from day to day. If a company is promoting you a service that has a sure fool proof way of giving you a onetime great website that is going to stand the test of ranking services of the search engines, then they are wrong the internet is a evolving and changing media force and you must keep your website up to date. A while back having a flashy website was the way to go. Now most search engines do not even recognize flash website. We do not program flash websites.
Call day to ask for more information about our new web based mobile application. Even is on their smart phones these days looking for sales, services and promotions. Why isn't your business traveling along with this mobile billboards?
See some of the websites that we do for our clients...


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