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marketing There are so many avenue when it comes to advertising and marketing these days. Everything from billboards, automobile graphics, websites, social media and even people that stand on the street corner twirling signs. So what works well for your particular type of business? Your business needs a personal and professional guidance from someone that knows that inner workings of the advertising field. Hopefully this website will help you to filter out the wasteful ways of spending your money via scams and one time gimmicks that will increase your sales and not fatten their wallets.
Let's look at some of these various ways to advertise your business.
  Websites are the newest way to reach millions of customers for the smallest amount of funding. A good website can sell your business or service, provide promotions, coupons for people to save money, access a worldwide audience to alert people of special events happening at your business and provide tone of information to people all around the globe. Websites can also provide tracking to find out where people are viewing your business and what they are looking for. You can also make contact with these customers via email contact forms, social media outlets and giving regular updates to key clients by internet sales alerts and text messaging if you offer that service. Websites are the way of the present and future.
  Social Media websites or a powerful tool for marketing and the best part about it mostly all of these are free for the general public. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube, Linked-In, Pintrest and many more where ideal for people with small business and individuals to market themselves with. By having a presents on these websites you give many search engines another avenue to market themselves on. Promoting yourself and your business on these sites make your revenue dollars increase with just a little time and effort on your part. Make sure you know how to use these tools properly to your advantage.
  Business Networking sites are just as important as Social Media sites although not all of these sites are free to use. Most of these sites will try to contact your business to sell you their advertising service. To get the inside scoop on whether or not these service are worth it or not, I suggest you check them on ripoffreport.com and other reporting websites. Using the free business listing would be my choice seeing as these will give you exposure in the world wide web. Business Networking site can also be helpful in contacting other business. Yelp, Manta, Merchant Circle, Citysearch, Angie List, Topix and many more sites out there will help with making contact out in the business world. Local business group such as the Chamber of Commerce and other are very helpful as well.
  Email Marketing contacts people in a very direct personal way. Everyone has email these days, whether it's personal or for business. How many times a day do you get an email from a company offering you pizza, discounts on items and services or just welcoming you to a new service or grand opening? How do these people get in contact with you? Most of the time these emails are a result of people buying or selling email address to promote sales. This in my opinion is a big NO. Emails must be asked for and collected. Most people build a list of email address whether it be in person or joining a email service for people to sign up for the services or products that you sell. If you decide to do email marketing please be aware that there are standards setup by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States and if these guidelines are not followed your business may be subject to penalties by the Federal Government.
  Print Media advertising is still a viable media marketing tool. Although most media company are using an outline distribution service. You may choose to run an advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine to reach your market. People still like reading the newspaper and as long as they are still reading they are still buying. Choosing the right type of print media to reach your market is the general question on where to place your marketing dollars. Let us do the research and find your niche.
Other investments in your advertising dollars consist of television, radio, billboards and hand-outs, flyer, and posters. each of these can start from a few dollar out of pocket to spending thousand for an advertising campaign that may or may not provide you a profitable margin for your investment.
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