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In 1988, I graduated high school with mathematics and arts honors and entered college to better enhance my education in computer graphics and art, both in the technical design and production of graphical arts. Having over 24 years of experience in the corporate world with all type of fields of design, everything from telecommunication to infrastructure design. I've been a manager of a regional specialty furniture store, sales manager of fitness center, graphical design manager of corporate teams in both the technical and artistic design, public relations representative, proposal production lead in large scale presentation projects, radio and television commercial production artist & assistant and the owner of a marketing / advertising / search engine & online marketing corporation. Today as an independent consultant and expanding my marketing and technical abilities in a world in need of my services and abilities.

Traveling across the United States you meet different people from all over. I love to listen to people and their stories of their wins and losses in their business and their lives. Helping people and understanding how I can help means a lot to me. Every year I participate to help raise money for the AVON Walk for a Cure breast cancer awareness, giving back to the community with toy drives during the holiday season with A Gift of Christmas Love toy drive for the children of Jerusalem House, Toys for Tots and Micah House here in Atlanta and supporting City of Refuge street kitchen services. Giving back to the community that helps you every day is just the golden rule that keeps this world together..
Find out more about me by following my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thank you for reading.
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Jon Blankenship Consulting Designer; home for Graphic arts, logos, slogans, websites, search engine marketing & optimization, and image consulting.

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