Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day Company, LLC. A Fresh New Marketing Company in Atlanta
Have A Nice Day Company, LLC. A Fresh New Marketing Company in Atlanta
Have A Nice Day Company, LLC. A Fresh New Marketing Company in Atlanta
Have A Nice Day Company, LLC. A Fresh New Marketing Company in Atlanta
Have A Nice Day Company, LLC. A Fresh New Marketing Company in Atlanta
"You're in the Business to do Business, We're in the Business to make YOU look Good."

What We Do For Our Clients

We create a wide variety of logos and slogans tailored to the client's style and taste. We offer website design along with social networking and business networking to help our clients cover the Internet. If your business is not on the Internet these days you might be wasting too much money on other advertising. We also provide onsite photography for our clients. We offer merchandise placement for our clients, along with organizing charity events.

Graphic Designs

The Have A Nice Day Company creates print adverts, flyers, posters and banners for your company. We like to give everything that special touch. Each one of our adverts we like to think of as a piece of art in itself. You're advertising should really say something about your company and we make it a point to help you express your company's promotion, event, sale or special in it's very best. Our consultants work with you to make your advertisments stand out.

Marketing Report Sample - H-A-N-D Report Example PDF

Need a online Marketing Video? - Check out the Have A Nice Day Video Channel

Our web sites are custom made to fit the clients we serve.

One of the key factors in promoting your site on the web is how well it's buildt. Our designers make sure that the key elements are in the website to propell you to the top of your desired market. Choosing the right construction, keywords, content and content management take experience to build the right web site for your company. Along with colors, structure and a few really neat design and diplays, our designers like to show you what a functional, well designed, eye-appealing and well read web site looks like and build one for you.

Web site display options (many others available) - kewl image viewers

Picture Reels
Picture Cubes

What else can you put in a web site to allure the users?

* Add Coupons for Products or Service
* Flashy Buttons and interactive photos
* Organize Contact Sheets or Questionaire
* Provide Color Schemes that catch the eye
* Add a Flip Book Menu or Magazine
* Customize your Branding to fit your company


Do things like these really work? Like Coupons and Flashy Things?


In reality Coupons work sometimes, more people remember they saw the coupon rather than print it so they will mention it when they come into your business. The important thing is that they come in or call. Web sites are just your company's little way of saying to the rest of the world "Hey! I'm Here! Check Me Out!"

As for Flashy? Who wants to go to a boring web site? I don't know many people that will spend hours upon hours looking at the government web sites for fun and enterainment. Do you?

Question to You!

Got a web site? Hate it? Are people calling you from it? Do you even know the person that designed it?

Call The Have A Nice Day Company - We Can Help!

The H-A-N-D Company

Have A Nice Day Company,L.L.C. A Fresh New Marketing Company in Atlanta, advertising, web sites, graphic, marketing, image consulting, logos, slogans.

The Have A Nice Day Company, L.L.C. is Atlanta's newest and freshest advertising company, we handle websites, SEO & SEM marketing, print advertising, graphic design, business image constulting, Slogans, logos and just a fresh look at your business. Have website but it just sucks? You can't be found when you look up your website or company or business keywords? You've got a probelm! The problem is that the money that you spent and keep spending on what you think is important just isn't working? Let us at the Have A Nice Day Company help you! Just give us a call. Well talk with you for free! :)